Review of the LG G5


For those who have been searching for a top quality Smartphone that comes with exclusive functionalities meant to enhance the overall user experience, well this coherent review of theLG G5is the ideal solution for your needs. The G5 feature marked upswings from its predecessor that make it simply outstanding.

For instance, it features a lightning fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Processor along with 4GB of ram qualifying it as one of the best-performing flagship phones on the market currently. Furthermore, it also comes with a USB type-C charging system for improved data transfer along with fast charging of its robust 2800 mAh battery. Users will also appreciate the two attachable modules that slot conveniently at the bottom of the phone to provide additional functionality and convenience as well.


• 5.3-inch IPS QHD screen While the 5.3-inch screen is smaller than previous models, it does provide sharp and crisp resolution for your images, games and favorite videos. Aside from being one of the brightest screens on a flagship model, the LG screen also comes with an always-on display that consumes one percent of the battery- far less than when a user turns the full screen on and off several times.

• Snapdragon 820 processor & 4GB RAM The inclusion of the 820-snapdragon processor along with the 4 GB ram is ideal for Smartphone users who like multitasking and can easily catch up with your favourite games while listening at the same time. More so, the unique Snapdragon processor design means that the users can have it at full throttle without producing excessive heating to other critical Smartphone components. Further lending to the LG G5 high performance is the fact that it also comes with 32 GB onboard storage and a Micro SD slot for those who want to increase the memory capacity as well.

• Fingerprint sensor Perhaps one of the most single most outstanding aspects about the LG G5 is that it features a fingerprint sensor that is conveniently located on the rear side of the phone. More finger-print sensor provide sufficient security for all your personal information needs. All the user needs to is to press in the sensor, and it uniquely identifies its original user and thereby grants full functionality to all aspects of the phone.

• 16MP rear camera 8MP front camera, Additional 8MP wide-angle rear camera More importantly, this unit also features a 16MP and 8MP camera that helps users capture real time footage and images in High definition. More so, the inclusion of the wide-angle camera on the back side lets it stand out from other flagship phones. To be specific, it provides a 135-degree field of view that is well above the 70— 75-degree angles that most conventional flagship phones can handle. According to, those who want capture images of large monuments or building but can get far away enough to capture the full picture, well the wide angle lens helps in correcting such a complication.

Specifications 2,800mAh battery USB Type-C v3.0 port Android Marshmallow