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  • Best Games on Android Smartphones

    With many options out there for games on Android smartphones, the choices can seem daunting to find just the right game to pass the time. Here are four of the best free-to-play games currently offered on the Android smartphone platform.
    In the category of puzzle games, your best option is the strategy game

    Cut the Rope 2.

    Rated 8/10 from IGN , this sequel to the wildly successful Cut the Rope gets everything right about the first version with nice new added additions and features. The goal of the game is simple: feed the dangling candy to Om Nom by cutting it loose from the rope. Early levels of the game are easy and intuitive. As the game progresses, the levels become increasingly challenging. Cut the Rope 2 offers in-game purchases for those needing some extra help along the way, but with some patience and experimentation, this visually appealing game can be played through completely.
    Next up is another sequel:

    Plants vs. Zombies 2

    . This tower defense requires the player to plant various forms of defensive shrubbery to fight off a horde of zombies from attacking your home! This strategy game comes with a nice variety of stages and difficulties so that the replay value is quite high here. You may never get tired of this game! In-game purchases are also available for those wanting some extra features.
    In the realm of Shooter RPGs, the best game for Android's is:

    Dragon Heroes

    . Loved by the Android Community , this first-person shooter game provides lots of options and buttons to push during gameplay. Each level presents a unique challenge that ends with a level boss as you fight your way through various monsters to save Dragonia. Each level unlocks heroes and upgrades your skills which keeps the game ever interesting. A nice bonus to this game is the inclusion of PVP (player-vs-player) and Guild settings. Test your heroes against other players and form guilds to level through the world. This aspect of the game provides a nice social atmosphere to the virtual world.

    For Runner Games, the best is:

    Speedy Ninja.

    In this game, you play as Ninja who battles through various levels unlocking new skills and mounts. One of the great pluses of this game is that you are challenged not just with running, but with flying! The action occurs on both land and sky where you have the opportunity to ride a dragon! Speedy Ninja comes with lush and fluid graphics. However, some skills and great attention will be needed to capture all the in-game coins as you sore around swords and fireballs. A steady hand and careful eye will be your greatest ally.
    The best general action game is Into the Dead. This first person shooter comes with some truly creepy graphics that will test not just your reflexes but your nerves as well. But when hasn’t fighting through zombies done that? Discover and array of weapons as your travel including the trusty old standby: the chainsaw. With in-game purchase available, this game should not be played with the lights off!