Best Looking Android Smartphones Worth Having

If you are planning to buy a new Android smartphone and you want the best, this is the place to begin. As you know, one of the best qualities of the smarphones with the android operating system (OS) is the wide array of options to pick from. In case you don’t find an one that fits your fancy and needs, then it’s likely there’s no such phone in existence. Even though there are many gadgets to choose from, chances are it can be equally hard to get to know the best one for your specific scenario. And that’s where this guide can help. If you are looking for the best Android phone out there, look no further; this list includes the best smart phones available in 2016.

1. The Samsun g Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

These two new Galaxy S phones are almost identical apart from some apparent features. The Edge is bigger, with a curved display and a larger sized battery. That aside, everything else is the same. Galaxy S7 has just recently been launched and has positioned itself as the smart mobile phone to beat in 2016. Samsun g has largely responded to its customers and produced an improvement of the Galaxy S6. The camera is much better; the SD card slot is back, while wrapped in a highly good looking package to previous year’s phones.

Pros: Great looking design Excellent quality camera Beautiful looking display

Cons Samsung software is an acquired taste It may slip easily from the hand

2. Nexus 6P

The camera has always been a deal breaker for the nexus phone, but it’s not the case with the Nexus 6P that is made by Huawei. It has a camera that makes carrying around a second shooter not a must. Its design and quality makes it able to challenge any other phone, and probably the best thing is that it will always be receiving updates to the latest versions, including security updates every month.

Pros Great build quality Excellent camera Pure Google software

Cons It's pretty big It does not charge wirelessly It requires a strong grip

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

It’s spectacular and it's big. Samsung became the first to introduce the big screen phenomenon with their Note phone series, now at its fifth generation. The Note5 just now got to an average size of 5.7 inches. Samsung has cut down the bezels of Note 5 making it actually smaller than Note 4 notwithstanding screen size is same. Its processor is weightier; RAM is 4GB, and a high resolution QHD display. Runs on Android OS 5.1 Lollipop, and it is said that there’s an Android Marshmallow update in the trenches finally. It also includes a 3,000 mAh battery. It has a fine low-light camera available with the OIS - optical image stabilization added on the 16- megapixel camera. Samsung’s fantastic pen input qualities, with none else taking the trouble to replicate.

Pros Gorgeous display Full-featured S Pen stylus High-quality camera

Cons More costly than other offerings Slippery back made of glass Underwhelming speaker

4. BlackBerry Priv

Blackberry’s position in the arena of smart-phones is unrivalled. The question is whether it’s just antiquity. The Priv hopes to challenge that notion, promising privilege and privacy – and using it is really a privilege. The physical keyboard is the best a smartphone has come with to date – the rest of the hardware matches up to the smartphone’s superior qualities. Also the high-resolution display screen is beautiful, battery life is great, a Google oriented Android experience, good camera, improved with Blackberry’s own apps and services. It's really good. You will be surprised.

Pros BlackBerry's brilliant physical keyboard The life of the battery is exceptional

Cons Ability to charge wirelessly is not available in all models Weak front-facing camera Still no Marshmallow

As a lover of the latest technology in phones or other gadgets, this list of top smartphones with the android os will help make your buying choice easier. Now you can make an informed decision and get the smart-phone that best suits your needs. Cancel