• Top Android Phones 2016


    When it comes to selecting the ideal Smartphone for your needs, this sheer number of units on the market can make the selection process a daunting task. However, armed with some sufficient insight into some of the top android phones 2016 on the market, you are sure of making the appropriate choice for your unique needs each time. It is important to note that most smartphones today comprise of marked upswings in functionality that makes them appeal from the rest of the completion. In fact, some of the significant features that you should look out for include camera quality, ergonomic design, CPU power and battery life amongst many other as well.

    Top Android phones 2016

    Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 A510M DUOS 16GB 

    Discover the quality of the Samsung Galaxy A5 that comes with a 13-megapixel camera and autofocus and LED flash for capturing the best of moments each time. According to trusted reviews.net, the inclusion of he AMOLED multi-touch screen helps to provide the best of your HD videos and images each time. More so, the A5 also comes with a protective Corning glass the offer optimal scratch and impact resistance when you need it the most. Smartphone lovers will also appreciate the lightning fast processor that is the Quad core 1.2 GHz cortex that lets you play games flawlessly or engage different apps concurrently without compromise on performance quality. The internal memory is an astounding 16 GB that is expandable to 16GB along with a 2GB RAM.

    BLU Life One X - 4G LTE Smartphone - GSM Unlocked – White

    The Blu Life One X-4G Smartphone combines the best of design and functionality into a top quality package. The exterior design is crafted using aircraft grade aluminum while the inner housing is adorned with a premium heated matte finish for superior texture. Additionally, the BLU Life One X - 4G LTE also comes with Android 4.4 kit kat operating system. The unique leather pattern on the back ensures that the Smartphone is ergonomic enough in the user’s hands. More importantly, the Smartphone’s 5.2-inch IPS LCD visual quality is backed by countless display innovations from Mediatek Miro version to provide users with superior image quality each time. The unique mediate MT6753 processor along with up to 2 GB worth of ram helps you blast through most applications and games with ease.

    Polaroid A6BK 6" Unlocked Smartphone

    Enjoy the best of Smartphone technology with the Polaroid A6BK  Smartphone that comes with a dual processor and up to 1GB of ram for the ultimate performance for game, music and your favorite applications. The inclusion of Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/g and Bluetooth 4.0 means that users are always ahead of the game when it comes to file sharing and interconnectivity. More so, users will also appreciate the inclusion of 4G technology that provides superior internet speeds, unlike 3G networks. The internal memory of the Polaroid A6BK 6 stands at 8GB but is expandable up to about 64GB for your favorite books, apps, movies and even games. The smartphone also comes with the an updated version of Android 4.4 kit kat.


  • Review of the Samsung Galaxy S7

    The much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S7 has not disappointed in any way, and instead brings perfection ever closer. Its design is not an out of the blue design, with many of its features being iterative of the predecessor, 2015 Samsung Galaxy S6. This means that Samsung has made a superior S6 having some of the most impressive features that could ever be found on a Smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S7 has earned the plaudits of tech gurus and Smartphone users alike, facing off likely competition even from IPhone. With this in mind, we take a look at the features of this powerful handset, and what makes it one of the best ever Smartphone.

    The Design 

    Much like the Galaxy S6, the S7 has almost the same design and any difference only noticeable upon closer look. The use of premium glass and metal finish is consistent throughout the device and comes with a really good feel. There are however some subtle differences between the S7 and the predecessors, in that, the Galaxy S7 has more rounded corners and an aluminum frame. The display is 5.1 inch with an overall dimension of 14.4 x 69.6 x 7.9mm. The general design makes it ergonomic and easy to handle and having a flat back that supports easily on the palm. The camera at the back has less protrusion and rounded edges which fits seamlessly with the back design.


    The Samsung Galaxy S7 screen has a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 which gives an impressive pixel density of 577ppi. The size of the screen is still at 5.1 inches which is actually big enough for browsing, reading online and watching videos. Galaxy S7 is tipped to have the best display of a Smartphone, from various screen tests done by DisplayMate, and having the best contrast and boot ratio. A standout feature of the S7 is the never off screen to display time, which becomes handy when you want to check time. The time display is sharp and screams out from the pitch black background of the screen, giving you a very clear display.

    Performance and Specs

    The major difference when it comes to performance and specs is the processor inside the Galaxy S7, which is variant according to the region you come from. For example, Europe, will find a Samsung-made Exynos 8890 octa-core processor inside their Galaxy S7 (model SM-G930F), while North America has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 quad-core chip in model SM-G930. Both type of processors have a powerful 4GB RAM that keeps the phone superfast. Operates on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) with TouchWiz and is water resistant.

    Battery and Camera

    Coming with 12MP camera, this could sound like a little disappointment considering the preceding Galaxy S6 model which had 16MP. This however, should not fret anyone just yet. The camera is a lot flashier and requires very low light performance to produce clear images. The lens is wider which facilitates more exposure in a shot. It has a faster auto-focus due to the dual-pixel sensor technology which is initially built for DSLR cameras.
    The battery of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the most remarkable improvements with a long lasting technology that keeps a constant power charge regardless of how much you use your phone. The battery is a 3000mAh power pack, which serves more than enough. Charging times have also received a great boost in the S7, requiring 1 hour and fifteen to completely charge a flat battery.

    Gaming, Storage and Music

    The Samsung Galaxy S7 offers internal storage of 32GB, which is quite on the downside compared with the S6, or competing Smartphones with 64GB and 128GB. MicroSD card slot supports up to 200GB in addition to the built-in storage. The S7 is a vibrant gaming-on-the-go device with its 5.1 Inch AMOLED Display. It is able to run graphically intensive games smoothly, including Real Racing 3. comes with game launcher. Supports all music formats with its Google Play Music app, and online streaming.
    For a high end, technology powered Smartphone; the Samsung Galaxy S7 has no close competitors and obviously one of the reasons why it is ranking as one of the greatest innovations of the year. This device will transform your Smartphone experience and take it to a whole new level. With only negligible things that you may not like, it is generally a device you would like to have in your hands.


  • Why Android is the Best OS for Smartphones or Is it

    In this article, we shall seek to understand why Android is the Best OS for smartphones, or is it? The Android system is driven by open source software, based on Linux, and makes it possible for custom screens and creativity to be created in huge quantities. Icon operated screens enable you to put your most preferred icons anywhere you'd prefer them to be. Android was designed to be the open source,easily customized, iPhone killer. The system is very much the same in appearance when compared to the iPhone but the internal operations are quite distinct.

    Why Android is Ahead in The Market

    Requirements for the Android system hardware are virtually nonexistent due to its open source base. There are Android phones ranging in price from $100 to $800+ based on the hardware they are made from. This is due to the system being extremely adaptable from beginning conception to fit all shapes and sizes. If you want a better phone you have to pay for it. If cost is a larger factor, you may have a smartphone at an amazingly low cost. The fact that Android is easily available has catapulted Android to the forefront thus challenging the iPhone directly to be the supreme smartphone globally.

    Major Features of Android

    The system is multi core processing enabled, 32 GB removable storage, 1080 screen resolution, full multi tasking, mobile Flash,thermometers, GPS, barometers, Chrome browser, multi touch screens, accelerometers, gyroscopes, , magnetometers, and so forth. The Android system is highly prized by techs due its extreme functionality. Android has many branding contracts. As an example most will refer to all Androids as Droids however the Droid is actually a brand of Motorola Android phone. Android has a very fast growing app store with over 500,000 apps and growing rapidly.

    Down Side of Android

    On the down side open source and a fast growing app store can lead to malware and security problems as well as system fragmentation issues. In 2011, there was a high rate of mobile malware attacks, with Android up a "stratospheric 3,325 percent", according to a report by the Juniper Networks Mobile Threat Center.

    One may reasonably protect themselves by installing protection against malware on their phone and being care full not to download apps that are unknown. Only do so if you know the app publisher's name for instance Google (Android), Pop Cap (Plants Vs Zombies), Rovio (Angry Birds) and and wait until there are a few legitimate positive reviews about the app. Android should be protected with the same care as you would your PC. The system fragmentation issue is caused by so many hardware configurations being capable of running Android but so many apps being created for low to high end specifications. As a general rule, Android developers try for a rough 80% compatibility rate.

    The Android system has the support of the Open Handset Alliance and Google is most predominant. A great part of Android Systems and apps pricing is influenced by advertisement subsidies. No one advertises better than Google and it shows in the lowering of prices. Android is the only mobile phone operating system that includes Adobe Flash in the browser enabling more internet than any other cell phone. Adobe has however stopped its mobile Flash program due to complications to concentrate on HTML5.

    What Versions of Android Are Available?

    The Android system has 7 versions. Currently, Ice Cream, Sandwich, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, and Froyo are the best known versions. Ice Cream Sandwich is the latest version and Jellybean will be the next. These all differ in functionality and security. Always check to make sure which version you have and if you can update as the next generation may solve any user problems you may have with your current version. This flexibility factor among many others is why android is the best OS for smart phones, or is it?


  • Best Games on Android Smartphones

    With many options out there for games on Android smartphones, the choices can seem daunting to find just the right game to pass the time. Here are four of the best free-to-play games currently offered on the Android smartphone platform.
    In the category of puzzle games, your best option is the strategy game

    Cut the Rope 2.

    Rated 8/10 from IGN , this sequel to the wildly successful Cut the Rope gets everything right about the first version with nice new added additions and features. The goal of the game is simple: feed the dangling candy to Om Nom by cutting it loose from the rope. Early levels of the game are easy and intuitive. As the game progresses, the levels become increasingly challenging. Cut the Rope 2 offers in-game purchases for those needing some extra help along the way, but with some patience and experimentation, this visually appealing game can be played through completely.
    Next up is another sequel:

    Plants vs. Zombies 2

    . This tower defense requires the player to plant various forms of defensive shrubbery to fight off a horde of zombies from attacking your home! This strategy game comes with a nice variety of stages and difficulties so that the replay value is quite high here. You may never get tired of this game! In-game purchases are also available for those wanting some extra features.
    In the realm of Shooter RPGs, the best game for Android's is:

    Dragon Heroes

    . Loved by the Android Community , this first-person shooter game provides lots of options and buttons to push during gameplay. Each level presents a unique challenge that ends with a level boss as you fight your way through various monsters to save Dragonia. Each level unlocks heroes and upgrades your skills which keeps the game ever interesting. A nice bonus to this game is the inclusion of PVP (player-vs-player) and Guild settings. Test your heroes against other players and form guilds to level through the world. This aspect of the game provides a nice social atmosphere to the virtual world.

    For Runner Games, the best is:

    Speedy Ninja.

    In this game, you play as Ninja who battles through various levels unlocking new skills and mounts. One of the great pluses of this game is that you are challenged not just with running, but with flying! The action occurs on both land and sky where you have the opportunity to ride a dragon! Speedy Ninja comes with lush and fluid graphics. However, some skills and great attention will be needed to capture all the in-game coins as you sore around swords and fireballs. A steady hand and careful eye will be your greatest ally.
    The best general action game is Into the Dead. This first person shooter comes with some truly creepy graphics that will test not just your reflexes but your nerves as well. But when hasn’t fighting through zombies done that? Discover and array of weapons as your travel including the trusty old standby: the chainsaw. With in-game purchase available, this game should not be played with the lights off!

  • Review of the LG G5


    For those who have been searching for a top quality Smartphone that comes with exclusive functionalities meant to enhance the overall user experience, well this coherent review of theLG G5is the ideal solution for your needs. The G5 feature marked upswings from its predecessor that make it simply outstanding.

    For instance, it features a lightning fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Processor along with 4GB of ram qualifying it as one of the best-performing flagship phones on the market currently. Furthermore, it also comes with a USB type-C charging system for improved data transfer along with fast charging of its robust 2800 mAh battery. Users will also appreciate the two attachable modules that slot conveniently at the bottom of the phone to provide additional functionality and convenience as well.


    • 5.3-inch IPS QHD screen While the 5.3-inch screen is smaller than previous models, it does provide sharp and crisp resolution for your images, games and favorite videos. Aside from being one of the brightest screens on a flagship model, the LG screen also comes with an always-on display that consumes one percent of the battery- far less than when a user turns the full screen on and off several times.

    • Snapdragon 820 processor & 4GB RAM The inclusion of the 820-snapdragon processor along with the 4 GB ram is ideal for Smartphone users who like multitasking and can easily catch up with your favourite games while listening at the same time. More so, the unique Snapdragon processor design means that the users can have it at full throttle without producing excessive heating to other critical Smartphone components. Further lending to the LG G5 high performance is the fact that it also comes with 32 GB onboard storage and a Micro SD slot for those who want to increase the memory capacity as well.

    • Fingerprint sensor Perhaps one of the most single most outstanding aspects about the LG G5 is that it features a fingerprint sensor that is conveniently located on the rear side of the phone. More finger-print sensor provide sufficient security for all your personal information needs. All the user needs to is to press in the sensor, and it uniquely identifies its original user and thereby grants full functionality to all aspects of the phone.

    • 16MP rear camera 8MP front camera, Additional 8MP wide-angle rear camera More importantly, this unit also features a 16MP and 8MP camera that helps users capture real time footage and images in High definition. More so, the inclusion of the wide-angle camera on the back side lets it stand out from other flagship phones. To be specific, it provides a 135-degree field of view that is well above the 70— 75-degree angles that most conventional flagship phones can handle. According to trustedreviews.net, those who want capture images of large monuments or building but can get far away enough to capture the full picture, well the wide angle lens helps in correcting such a complication.

    Specifications 2,800mAh battery USB Type-C v3.0 port Android Marshmallow 

  • Best Looking Android Smartphones Worth Having

    If you are planning to buy a new Android smartphone and you want the best, this is the place to begin. As you know, one of the best qualities of the smarphones with the android operating system (OS) is the wide array of options to pick from. In case you don’t find an one that fits your fancy and needs, then it’s likely there’s no such phone in existence. Even though there are many gadgets to choose from, chances are it can be equally hard to get to know the best one for your specific scenario. And that’s where this guide can help. If you are looking for the best Android phone out there, look no further; this list includes the best smart phones available in 2016.

    1. The Samsun g Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

    These two new Galaxy S phones are almost identical apart from some apparent features. The Edge is bigger, with a curved display and a larger sized battery. That aside, everything else is the same. Galaxy S7 has just recently been launched and has positioned itself as the smart mobile phone to beat in 2016. Samsun g has largely responded to its customers and produced an improvement of the Galaxy S6. The camera is much better; the SD card slot is back, while wrapped in a highly good looking package to previous year’s phones.

    Pros: Great looking design Excellent quality camera Beautiful looking display

    Cons Samsung software is an acquired taste It may slip easily from the hand

    2. Nexus 6P

    The camera has always been a deal breaker for the nexus phone, but it’s not the case with the Nexus 6P that is made by Huawei. It has a camera that makes carrying around a second shooter not a must. Its design and quality makes it able to challenge any other phone, and probably the best thing is that it will always be receiving updates to the latest versions, including security updates every month.

    Pros Great build quality Excellent camera Pure Google software

    Cons It's pretty big It does not charge wirelessly It requires a strong grip

    3. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

    It’s spectacular and it's big. Samsung became the first to introduce the big screen phenomenon with their Note phone series, now at its fifth generation. The Note5 just now got to an average size of 5.7 inches. Samsung has cut down the bezels of Note 5 making it actually smaller than Note 4 notwithstanding screen size is same. Its processor is weightier; RAM is 4GB, and a high resolution QHD display. Runs on Android OS 5.1 Lollipop, and it is said that there’s an Android Marshmallow update in the trenches finally. It also includes a 3,000 mAh battery. It has a fine low-light camera available with the OIS - optical image stabilization added on the 16- megapixel camera. Samsung’s fantastic pen input qualities, with none else taking the trouble to replicate.

    Pros Gorgeous display Full-featured S Pen stylus High-quality camera

    Cons More costly than other offerings Slippery back made of glass Underwhelming speaker

    4. BlackBerry Priv

    Blackberry’s position in the arena of smart-phones is unrivalled. The question is whether it’s just antiquity. The Priv hopes to challenge that notion, promising privilege and privacy – and using it is really a privilege. The physical keyboard is the best a smartphone has come with to date – the rest of the hardware matches up to the smartphone’s superior qualities. Also the high-resolution display screen is beautiful, battery life is great, a Google oriented Android experience, good camera, improved with Blackberry’s own apps and services. It's really good. You will be surprised.

    Pros BlackBerry's brilliant physical keyboard The life of the battery is exceptional

    Cons Ability to charge wirelessly is not available in all models Weak front-facing camera Still no Marshmallow

    As a lover of the latest technology in phones or other gadgets, this list of top smartphones with the android os will help make your buying choice easier. Now you can make an informed decision and get the smart-phone that best suits your needs. Cancel

  • Apple vs Android Smartphones-And The War Continues

    Eight years ago, Apple launched the iPhone that changed the way people use and see mobile phones. The era of smartphones had just started and Apple seemed to have the upper hand. However,Google became their closest rival after they unveiled Android, which generally gave consumers freedom to do things that could not be done with Apple phones. Since then the war between Apple vs Android phones has continued and the ongoing war is a lot more intense than it was before, thanks to the addition of Windows phone and a few more smartphone OS which have been developed over the years and have tried to eat the market share of both Android and iOS.

    The Basis Of The War:

    When the iPhone was launched, a lot of people complained about a very restricted environment given by Apple to their users. It was basically because iOS does not permit iPhones to connect to other Bluetooth devices unless they're from Apple and it does not allow you to get songs without iTunes, it does not allow and again, a user could not tweak the system to modify the phone to suit his preference. Looking at these downsides of the iPhone, Google came up with the idea of Android and their OS has been as free as it gets.

    The Google Play Store is a friendly environment where even a new developer can dwell without having to spend a dime. That said, most people of whom majority are students preffer not want to spend a lot of money on their smartphones. They opt for Android phones. The coming into market of android came with it much needed change in the entire scope of the market, with the prime focus going to Apple and Google within a couple years since their products were launched.

    The market war between these two giants also resulted in the elimination of Blackberry and Nokia from the market as they were not able to adapt adequately with the changing trends. Microsoft did not move into the mobile segment as soon as they would have wanted to, but being a major player in the OS market, Windows Mobile is another fierce competitor which is fast gaining popularity in this scenario, as per the statistics of a leading Mobile App Development Company.

    Current War Status:

    Though many reports say that Android may have won the war, many providers of iPhone App Development don't affirm to this. The reports presented by different companies differ from region to region and after analyzing all that is said carefully about the ongoing status of the war between users of iOS and Android, it is clear to see that the war has climaxed to a stalemate where about 78% of the iPhone users are being kept while 80% of the Android users are retained too. Windows and other brands with their own OS are not seeing any significant growth rate right now and the new users coming to Android and iPhone are mostly the ones who are migrating from Windows.

    So, after about a decade intoApple vs Android phones war,we can finally say that the situation has become stagnant since there is no clear winner of this feud. We can expect to see a shift in the future if any of the platforms bring in a massive change, but for now, the war is a little cold and people are enjoying some peace and quiet.

  • The FBI–Apple encryption dispute

    The San Bernardino shooting took place in December of 2016. This incident left 22 people dead and 14 injured. The two suspects Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik were violent extremists who were inspired by terrorists groups to carry out the act. Farook and Malik did not survive this ordeal. However, they left behind some electronic devices which could help FBI investigators to determine if other groups or organizations were backing the couple. They also wanted to know if there would be another attack within the US. CEO Tim Cook is the current head of the technology giant Apple. He has stated that he will fight against a judge's court order to build software that could compromise the security of iPhone devices.

    Cook does not want to make software that could easily bypass the security features that have been into iPhone devices. He is afraid that this type of technology will fall into the wrong hands and that millions of people's personal identity or financial history could be compromised. Apple wants to cooperate with the government over this request but they do not want to take this type of action. In December of 2015 two extremists carried out a mass shooting in San Bernardino, California.

    Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik killed 22 people and injured 14 others. The couple was killed by authorities. However, they left behind electronic devices which could help the FBI to determine if they had connections to a high level terrorists organization. The FBI also wanted to know if the couple had planned on carrying out more attacks.

    The potential information that could be available on the phones might be extremely useful in the war on terror. The FBI found some iPhones that the couple had used to communicate with other people. However, the FBI could not break past the device's pass code. So they issued a court order requiring Apple to write new software that can be easily deciphered by federal agencies when necessary.

    The FBI also wanted Apple to disable their pass code security technology. However, Apple does not want to allow the FBI to do this type of thing because of the implications behind what they are asking. The FBI wants Apple to give them the ability to unlock any person's iPhone at any given time. While this type of software if important for national security it could be extremely dangerous if the technology is used by the wrong people or organizations. Many technology giants who are rivals of Apple have banned together and come to the company's defense.

    They realize that if the government can force Apple into creating this type of software that exposes their devices; it would only be a matter of time before they would have to deal with the same thing. This potentially could hurt the sales of smartphones and tablets across the board. Consumers would not have enough confidence in these devices to know that their security is safe. Criminals could get a hold of this technology and use it to wreak havoc on billions of people around the globe in terms of identity theft and fraud. Google, Microsoft and Facebook are just three of many major corporations that are banning together to file a legal brief.

    This brief will be used to request that the judge over this case support Apple's decision not to follow through with the court order. The San Bernardino incident has opened up more than just another situation involving terrorists. It is also forcing technology giants to really take a look at how far their security measures can go without them interfering with government's and law enforcement's ability to protect the nation.